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Established June 2015: Adams Muffler Auto Repair shop was established in June of 2015. As a new business, we are devoted to proving ourselves to the community and will settle for nothing less than being your #1 Auto Repair Facility. We aim to earn the trust of the car and truck owners of Moorpark and be the City’s first choice for Best Auto Mechanic Shop. Bring your car to our repair shop and I promise that you will never go back to your aged know-it-all mechanic again. We are proud of our work and will always be honest and upfront about the repairs and services we intend to perform. Truthfulness and integrity are integral to our way of doing business. Adams Muffler Automotive Repair, conveniently located in Moorpark, California; is an exciting new concept in affordably-priced, hassle-free, highly-professional auto and truck service and repair. You can rest assured in trusting your automobile's Transmission, Engine, Brake systems, A/C systems, Tune Ups, Tires, Timing belt, Oil Changes, Catalytic converter, Exhaust systems and more to our experienced technicians. We are 100% committed to maintaining and servicing all makes and models of cars and trucks with honesty, integrity and expertise. If you do not completely agree that we deserve every one of the 5-Star ratings we have earned from so many of our delighted customers on Yelp, tell us why and we will make it right! We do not settle for 4-Star service and neither should you! Our highly-trained Master Technicians get the job done right the first time, in many cases while you wait! You and your vehicle will be pampered with the utmost care and courtesy in our sparkling, new, ultra-clean shop. We appreciate your trust and the value of your hard-earned dollars and promise to minimize your overall maintenance costs and provide the highest level of care for all of your cars and trucks. We keep an adequate supply of parts on hand to get you in and out in record time. We specialize in fleet maintenance as well as individual vehicle services and offer customized unlimited service plans for select commercial customers. Fleet Managers, please allow us to tailor a package that will assure that all your vehicles are maintained perfectly at a set and manageable rate, regardless of what repairs or service is needed. Our Complete Performance Service Plan is ideal for company vehicles as it allows the Fleet Manager to take the guesswork out of budgeting for maintenance expense. Moreover, proper routine care extends vehicle life, thereby reducing capital outlay for replacement costs. Do not hesitate to allow us to demonstrate the inner-workings of your vehicle and the nature of the repairs involved; we love to educate customers and show you how proper maintenance will save you thousands in the long run! A happy car and happy owner go hand in hand and we therefore do everything possible to put a smile on your face (and bumper ). After all, for many, a motor vehicle represents the second-most significant investment after the family residence and the availability of reliable transportation directly impacts one’s economic and psychological well-being. We therefore keep you AND your wheels rolling and minimize your “time in the pit” to get you BOTH back on the road.

Why we are Passionate about Automotive Repair?

Meet our Owner: I was always fascinated by the challenge and thrill of working on cars. As a teenager, I volunteered to work at the neighborhood mechanic shop. Ever since then, I had the desired to own my own repair shop. In 1984, I attended San Bernardino Community College and studied Engine Rebuilding and Transmissions performance with the help of a dictionary. Thereafter, I worked as a mechanic near my home and discovered that car mechanics are overworked and underpaid. The money I was earning was insufficient to support my family, let alone adequate to allow me to realize the dream of owning my own shop someday. I decided to further my education while working as a mechanic. I attended Western Technical College in Van Nuys and became a Certified Telecommunications Engineer. Three years later, I attended DeVry Technical Institute and throughout the next 24 years, I worked as a Telecommunication Network Engineer. From 2009 to 2014, I decided that it was time to help our men and women in uniform going to Afghanistan, I joined US Army as a linguist and I was deployed to Afghanistan with the US Army. During my tenure with US Army in Afghanistan DEA acquired me to help them in catching the drug dealers which were financing terrorism activities in Afghanistan and Finally, in 2014, I had saved up enough to make my life-long dream of owning an Automotive Repair Shop a reality and bring world-class customer service and automotive repair proficiency to the town I love. I teamed up with my longtime friend  the Best Mechanic in Town, Ramiro Tamayo, and we founded Adams Muffler Automotive Repair in June of 2015.