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Coolant System

It is very important to understand how your car components work in concert to take you places a headache free. It is worth your time to take a peak and please click on this link to see how the coolant system (e.g. the radiator, water pump, thermostat, temperature sensors, electric fan or viscous fan) works to cool off the engine of your vehicle. During the combustion (i.e. when air, fuel, compression, and spark from the spark plug gasoline car) takes place, it creates combustion that will raise the temperature inside the engine block. This video will explain how the coolant system works to cool off the engine. Now you know the importance to maintain your vehicle. Neglecting your car means missed work, late for work and the cost of towing and more important late to pick up the kids from the babysitter. If you don't have a regular mechanic, we would like to extend our helping hand. Bring your car to our shop, we will repair what needs to be repaired and service what needs to be serviced honestly and efficiently.

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