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  • Transmission

    Transmission is a major component of the vehicle, always forgotten by the car owners. Customers, always neglect to pay attention…

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  • Engine Component Replacement

    Engine Component Replacement

    Doing the basic preventive maintenance suggested by the vehicle manufacturers (e. g. the oil changes, tune-up) is a great way of prolonging…

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  • Complete Computer  Diagnostics

    Complete Computer Diagnostics

    If the engine light comes on and the car is running with no obvious problem, don't ignore it. Nowadays cars…

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  • Exhaust catalytic converter  Fuel systems

    Exhaust catalytic converter Fuel system

    One of the most obvious signs of exhaust systems problem is a deep or loud rumbling sound. If you notice loss…

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  • Don’t let it be you.

    Don’t let it be you.

    Fuel system is very important part of your car's performance. The fuel filter on cars built in 2003 and older needs to…

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  • Engine Repair

    Engine Repair

    Adams Muffler & Automotive Repair can rebuild your car engine and also can fix the blown head Gasket. If you…

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  • Complete Brake Services

    Complete Brake Services

    While applying the brake to stop or to slow your car down, do you hear a grinding squealing noise, or…

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  • Tune-up and Oil change

    Tune-up and Oil change

    Changing motor oil and oil filter of your car or truck on a regular bases (Every 3-5 thousand miles), helps…

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