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Smog Inspection & Repair

Most vehicles in California are required Smog Inspection to renew your vehicle registration. Your DMV Registration Renewal notice will indicate, Smog Inspection required. Please bring your vehicle to our shop for smog inspection. We are certified by California BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) to perform Smog Inspection and Smog related Repair. We Smog Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid, and flex Fuel Cars, Trucks and RVs.  Please bring your Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid, and flex Fuel Cars, Trucks and RVs to our shop for a comprehensive smog Inspection. If for some reason your car doesn't pass the smog inspection, we are authorized and licensed by Bureau of Automotive Repair to repair vehicles fail smog inspection. For further information, please click to the following links to read more about State repair assistance and vehicle retirement assistance in the State of California CAP, California Laws and Regulations Resources, and Smog Station's license status No appointment is necessary.

Coolant System

It is very important to understand how your car components work in concert to take you places headache free. It is worth your time to take a peak and please click on this link to see how the coolant system (e.g. the radiator, water pump, thermostat, temperature sensors, electric fan or viscous fan) works to cool off the engine of your vehicle.…
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Do It Yourself

It is great that you are trying to do it yourself, at Adams Muffler and Auto Repair we are proud of you for doing what everyone else thinks, you can't. When things get a little too complicated, don't frustrate yourself. Just trust us with your car needs and we will make sure to service what needs to be…
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Exhaust Systems

If your car is running a bit too harsh and the odor is coming out of the exhaust tailpipe smells like rotten egg, it means your catalytic converter is depleted. And a depleted catalytic converter poisons the air our loved ones breathe. If the exhaust system (e.g. exhaust manifold, pipe or muffler) cracked or rusted, the poisoned exhaust through many small orifices will enter inside of your car cabin. Therefore the consequences of exhaust gas is bad for you and your loved ones well being. If your car has any of the above symptoms, please do not wait for tomorrow or the day after, bring your car to our shop, we will fix or replace the broken exhaust system components to make all OK. Don’t take the chance.