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Suspensions and Steering

When you are taking your hands off of the steering for a brief moment and your car is swerving to the right or to the left? your car needs alignment. Or when you drive over a speed bump and your car bounces up and down more then once or the most twice and your Starbucks coffee spills allover the cup holder? It means your car suspensions need service and repair. Not taking care of theses problems at its infancy, your tire threads will become uneven and noisy. Bring your car to our shop for a complete steering and suspension system service and repair. We can fix the problem quickly and efficiently cost effectively. If you continue driving your car the way it is, you will end up buying new tires every 10-15 thousand miles. Safety should be priority #1 of parents. If you are not a parent then you should be concern about your own safety and the people around you on the road. (SE HABLA ESPAÑOL)

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