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Complete Computer Diagnostics

If the engine light comes on and the car is running with no obvious problem, don't ignore it. Nowadays cars have their own CAN (car area network) just like we have the LAN and the WAN for our internet. The onboard computer is called PCM (power-train computer module) and it constantly run diagnostics checking for any misbehavior throughout the…
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Exhaust catalytic converter Fuel systems

One of the most obvious signs of exhaust systems problem is a deep or loud rumbling sound. If you notice loss of power while driving or your car drives  rough at idle (not moving)? That means there is a leak in the exhaust system (unmetered air gets into the engine) this will not be good for the…
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Don’t let it be you.

Fuel system is very important part of your car's performance. The fuel filter on cars built in 2003 and older needs to be replaced at least once in every 25-30K miles, on cars built in 2004 and newer needs to be replaced 75-100K miles. Don't put it off before it could cause damage to the fuel pump and all…
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Complete Brake Services

While applying the brake to stop or to slow your car down, do you hear a grinding squealing noise, or the Antilock Brake system lights up your car dashboard? Please don't drive for long, it is not safe and it will hurt your wallet in a long run. Bring your car to our shop for a…
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